Begging for a rand
First, you get a paper cup. Can be any paper cup: sturdy, little bit deep. Krispy Kreme — Starbucks if you can find one. The cup should be white and
Riding the grammar train
When a comma is like a choo-choo train
I help my clients with writing tips. Here's one on commas:When's the right time to use a comma in a series, and more importantly, when do you not? Think of a
tommy bourne
Go speed racer, go
My wife believes driving in a foreign country takes two people. It. Does. Not. I have steely confidence and take the stick shift in the wrong hand whilst
The pub
Three ghosts meet a fool in a bar
What was a hospital visit has become a vigil here in Nyack. So much has happened this week in Rockland County. So little of it was good. We’re all bracing for
talking dead
Talking Dead
In the last years of his life, my dad and I had a tradition. Most nights, on a long commute home, I'd call him. The routine was nearly always the same. The
Orlando skies
Taking a long way home
Seems a year ago I went to NY to see Pop, watch him die, praise him and bury him. It's been all of 2 weeks. After a couple of days at work, we kept our promise
My Hemingway, My Faulkner
Meet my Hemingway, my Faulkner
Had an interesting and wonderful moment earlier this week w/ my daughter. We went Christmas shopping, but she didn't know what anyone wanted. This being the
knocking on heaven's door
Who's that knocking on my door?
Death's door is painted red and hangs in my hometown of New City. It's the front door to my dad's house and it seems to dare him to pass through it. So
keep carrots inside the fence
When punctuation should be like a carrot
I learned my language skills through three years of high school English, memorizing the AP style book in college and enduring newspaper editors calling me
Conflicting priorities
I thought this was an interesting paradox: one construction project trumping another construction project. Though both projects yield a permanent product,
Star Trek lessons
Just saw the new Star Trek movie (Beyond). Talking just to the fans here – it’s great.Top 10 things to know about the new Start Trek movie: 1. What does a
Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world
When you go to Ireland, go first to the west coast to see why these fair-skinned peopled dress in full-length wet suits to surf an an ocean that's always in