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First, you get a paper cup. Can be any paper cup: sturdy, little bit deep. Krispy Kreme — Starbucks if you can find one.

The cup should be white and clean as you can keep it You want to look clean .

Find a good place to sit — not so close to others.


Bill Simmons, in his prime

I've talked about Bill Simmons in glowing light. He's a long-winded, online friend to many of us. Like that college friend, you haven't seen in a decade, you still know him and know well. To his core, because you both developed your cores together and at the same time.


Jared Spool in Action

Last night, I was lucky enough to see Jared Spool give his interactive presentation, "Anatomy of a Design Decision," which reminded me a bit of Dale Earnhardt in his prime.

Jared Spool


Why I'm a digital ideaist

I was listening to an archived interview with Dr. John and Terry Gross in my NPR podcast channel. In the interview, Gross asked John how should she describe him: Singer, piano player, songwriter, composer?
Now I have been following Dr. John for a long time. Born Mac Rebinac, he started as a guitar player in New Orleans. He was (accidentally) shot in the hand, so he switched to piano. He's a boogie woogie, Cajun, shaman bandleader. He’s diverse enough to be in The Last Waltz and Exile on Main Street.

Present simple messages simply

The best way to visually display simple messages is: Simply.

In a Washington Post article on how Metro is trying to get its train drivers to stop at red lights. Through inattention, rote and sometimes tiredness, Metro drivers sometimes drive through red alerts. The mistake can be disastrous.