Meet my Hemingway, my Faulkner

Had an interesting and wonderful moment earlier this week w/ my daughter. We went Christmas shopping, but she didn't know what anyone wanted. This being the Christmas spirit w/ attitude, no one was saying, either. I told her I knew what I wanted and took her to Barnes & Noble.

There in the doorway was the new Michael Lewis book. On sale. First Day. She grabbed one and went to the counter.

I come from a line of great readers in my family. I always wanted to emulate them and I have. They were fiction readers and I'm non-fiction (you know, real).

In college, I always wondered what it was like in the Olden Days, walking past bookstore windows on Fifth Avenue in the snow (always the snow) and seeing the new Hemingway, the new Faulknerā€¦the new Dickens. In school, I wondered who'd be my go-to author, my run-out-on-the-first-day writer.

I discovered Lewis the year he wrote Liar's Poker. He led me through a financial maze of a world w/ great attitude and style. He taught me, entertained me and I trusted him to tell me the truth and he has. Lewis has spent his career writing about what interests him. Sometimes we aligned well (the internet, Moneyball) and other times he gobsmacked me with information I couldn't understand on first read (Flash Boys, The Big Short). So when you finish, you go back to Page 1 and start again.

So the new Michael Lewis book is out and I'll start reading it Christmas afternoon. It's about two psychologists studying decision-making processes. I wouldn't take this journey w/ anyone else. So that day in the doorway, I realized I've become who I set out to be long ago: a well-read dad w/ intense curiosity. And that makes me happy and proud.

Angela/I are raising two really good readers. I'm proud of them. They read on computers, tablets, phones and even books. They blew through the starter books and binged on the semi-adult Harry Potter and Hunger Games. I take them to the libraries and let them go. Invariably, they have to pull me out of the New Book section

Will they surpass us like we surpassed our reading families? Dunno. That they're reading on their own is good enough for me.

Now, when's Malcom Gladwell's next book coming out?

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