Star Trek lessons

Capt. Kirk gets his ass kicked. Again. 

Just saw the new Star Trek movie (Beyond). Talking just to the fans here – it’s great.

Top 10 things to know about the new Start Trek movie:

1. What does a ship captain do, anyway? Is he a pilot? A diplomat? COO? Picard; there was a diplomat. Shatner’s Kirk could operate everything on the ship in a pinch. What was Pine’s Kirk’s major in the Starfleet Academy, anyway? I think he spent a lot of time on the fraternity couch. His skill: moxie. The ability to lead and create hope from the impossible. I guess.

2. Spock is a bad ass. Fighting him is a good way to get your ass kicked. Every time.

3. Stick Shift. To engage warp drive, you still need to shove that big stick shift on the dashboard.

4. Capt. Kirk gets his ass kicked. Again. Like George Washington, Kirk gets his lunch handed to him in every fight. Fight, run, get pummeled. He ultimately wins all the fights when his opponent gets distracted by hubris and somehow circumstances crush his opponent.

5. Terrorism. The way the enemy attacks in deep space is reminscent of terrorits attacks: a multitude of mindful, selfless, explosive drones dedicated to destroying the enemy. 

6. Bones can handle battlefield surgery.

7. it’s nice to see Scotty with a girl. Who digs the beat.

8. When Spock smiles, you smile.

9. Opposite Day. In deep space, sometimes, the only way to beat an overwhelming enemy is to attack.

9. Kirk + Spock. The whole series is really a love affair. Yes. It. Is.

Thanks to Tom Ryder for the Golden Ticket. #hpe

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