Save this search. San Francisco Trolley Car - 1:47 7. ABC Kids Let's Play! Public Libraries of … Don't waste your money on this video!! Top Rated … (TV Series). August 8, 2005 Sailing Around The World is a great DVD for the kids, but in comparison to other Wiggles DVDs we found it a bit slow-paced. When they do show the Wiggles, it is in flashback songs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Nine, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Six, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Five, All at Sea (Thomas & Friends episode)/Gallery. | Santa's Rockin. 2001. Price. ", Captain Feathersword and his crew at the S.S Feathersword polka party, Captain talking about the things for the party, "This is the best party we've ever had, argh! Movies Spoofs; Parodies; Channels; The Wiggles Movie spoofs. Intro - 0:23 6. 1 Promotional Material 2 Fan Photos 3 Screenshots 3.1 Summer 2005 (Little Rock, AR show) 3.2 Fall 2005 (Wallinforg, CT show) 3.3 Spring 2006 (San Diego, CA show) 3.3.1 YouTube Intro Add a photo to this gallery Add photo Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Intro - 0:24 14. The Wiggly Group and Professor Singalottasonga, "Hula, Hula, Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler)", Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew saluting, Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew in British hats, A picture of The Wiggles in Athens, Greece, The Wiggles, CF, PS, Franko and Maria in promo picture, Captain Feathersword wearing an around the world hat, Captain Feathersword and the pirate crew mopping, Professor Singalottasonga greeting the pirate crew, Captain Feathersword and his friendly pirate crew, The Friendly Pirate Crew and their goldfish, Captain and Greg introducing "London Town", Captain Feathersword talking about London, Captain Feathersword asking to wake his pirate crew up, The Friendly Pirate Crew dressing up in London style, Captain Feathersword at Buckingham Palace, Greg and Murray playing Maton acoustic guitars, Captain Feathersword at Red Telephone Box, Captain Feathersword talking about Greece, Jeff playing accordion and Murray playing bouzouki, Captain Feathersword introducing "The Captain's Wavy Walk", Captain Feathersword and his crew falling down, "Sailing Around the World" (Wiggly Animation) (See Deleted Live-Action Version, The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword in Wiggly Animation, Anthony introducing "Sicily (I Want to Go)", Captain Feathersword telling the crew to mop, Captain Feathersword, Wags and photographer Paul James, The Cartoon Wiggles and Cartoon Officer Beaples, Cartoon Anthony, Cartoon Greg, and Cartoon Murray, "Will we wake him up? Category page. (2005) (Full Clip) @ The Whiterock Parade 29/06/19 - Duration: 16:11. Sicily (I Want To Go) - 1:33 15. ", Caterina, Elefterious, Lucy, and Ben feeling sad, "Hey, why don't we go travel somewhere else? Each introduction track before each song, apart from. Elbow To Elbow - 2:16 11. Galleries, Video Galleries, The Wiggles Galleries, 2005. Join Captain Feathersword, his shipmates and The Wiggles®, as they go Sailing Around the World in an amazing adventure filmed on location! Hit Entertainment logo3. Some of the music videos were produced as animation. 1 Promo Pictures 2 Screenshots 2.1 Opening 2.2 Sydney Barcarolle 2.3 Goldfish 2.4 The Chicken Song (Wiggly Animation) 2.5 London Town 2.6 Agapame Tin Athena (We Love Athens) 2.7 The Captain's Wavy Walk 2.8 ", Captain dialing Elefterious on his pirate phone, Captain talks to Elefterious about his problem about being left behind, The S.S Feathersword arriving back at the dock, Deleted Scene: Captain Feathersword talking about looking for food, Deleted Song: "Sailing Around the World" (Live-Action Version) (Located in the episode: ", Professor Singalottasonga in deleted scene, Deleted Song: "Hula, Hula, Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler)" (Located in the episode: ", Captain Feathersword & his crew hula dancing, The Wiggles playing music in deleted scene, Back Cover (without Roadshow Entertainment Logo & Barcode), Disc (without Roadshow Entertainment Logo). ... 16 product ratings - The Wiggles - Sailing Around the World (DVD, 2005) NEW SEALED!!! It rarely shows the actual Wiggles, and mostly focuses on the Wiggles "dancers" and Captain Feathersword telling a story that is difficult, at best, to follow. FBI/Interpol Warning screens2. Add a photo to this gallery. Style; The Wiggles Wiggy Safari Nickelodeon And Nick Jr. I'm alright. ABC Captain notices that the S.S. Feathersword is leaving without him on board. $29.99. Listen on Spotify. All rights are reserved and belong to their respectful owners. The extras are almost more entertaining than the feature. The accompanying video was released in 2005 as well. 1 Tracklist 2 Personnel 3 Release Dates 4 Trivia 4.1 Goofs 5 Gallery Intro - 0:20 Sailing Around The World - 2:43 Intro - … 2004 "Sailing Around the World" is a Wiggles album that was released on August 8, 2005. Style; The Wiggles Cold Spaghetti Western Nickelodeon And Nick Jr. So climb aboard the SS Feathersword and hoist the main sail as The Wiggles take you to sing in Sydney and move to the beat in Mexico. No copyright infringement intended. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sailing Around the World. Get all the lyrics to songs on Sailing Around the World and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. Find great deals on eBay for sailing around the world wiggles. Sailing Around The World | Keiran! ", The S.S. Feathersword leaving Captain behind, "Did you see all of that food and those streamers". Hula, Hula, Hula Nothing Could Be Cooler! We're off around the world to San Francisco! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ratings (out of 5) This is about Captain Feathersword and his crew sailing around the world. This is the extremely last album to feature. ABC For Kids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. History Talk (0) Trending pages. A Wiggly Movie: 3 Bonus Songs, Omo Colourlock Limited Edition CD Sampler. (Series 2) Concerts: 2017/18 Racing To The Rainbow Show. Hula, Hula, Hula Nothing Could Be Cooler! Get the keys of the songs from Sailing Around The World (2001) by The Wiggles. 2019 Wiggledancing! This video is a compilation of Sailing Around the World segments that appeared on TV Series 4, with their accompanying songs included.. LIVE Hot Potatoes! Sweet dreams, Jeff. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. ! The Wiggles Sailing Around the World (Classic Wiggles) ℗ 2006 The Wiggles Pty Ltd. Available as an album, a DVD, and a summer 2005 concert tour, SAILING AROUND THE WORLD is the Wiggles' SGT. A trailer we created and produced for The Wiggles DVD Sail Around The World for HIT Entertainment Playhouse Disney: Imagine and Learn With Music, Greatest Ever! Shop with confidence. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - The Biggest Ever Christmas Collection, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Ten, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Nine, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Eight, The Classic Adventures of Thomas & Friends - Series Seven, All at Sea (Thomas & Friends episode)/Gallery, CaptainFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorldPromoPicture2.jpg, SailingAroundtheWorld(Song)-PromoPicture.jpg, SailingAroundtheWorld(Song)-PromoPicture2.jpg, Hula,Hula,Hula,NothingCouldBeCooler-PromoPicture.jpg, Hula,Hula,Hula(NothingCouldBeCooler)-PromoPicture2.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-PromoPicture.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-PromoPicture2.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-PromoPicture3.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-PromoPicture4.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-PromoPicture5.jpg, CaptainFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorldPromoPicture.jpg, TheWigglyDancersinSailingAroundtheWorldPromoPicture.jpg, GreginSailingAroundtheWorldPromoPicture.jpg, GreginSailingAroundtheWorldPromoPicture2.jpg, Let's Go (We're Riding In The Big Red Car). No, let's let him sleep. Buy album on Amazon. Producer Contents. Requested by Richard Tomitz. I just slipped on my old sock again. From "London Town" to Sicily and San Francisco, everyone will have a great time on this wiggly, giggly global trip! Join Captain Feathersword, his shipmates and The Wiggles as they go Sailing Around the World! 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. ", "Here's a stretch to put you to the test. Sailing Around the World is a Wiggles segment on The Wiggles Show! I'm Captain Feathersword! 27 results for the wiggles sailing around the world dvd. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. Sailing Around the World (video)/Gallery < Sailing Around the World (video) Edit. Intr… What about Mexico City, the home of the burrito? Edit. Here we go. Children's music Get the keys of the songs from Sailing Around The World (2001) by The Wiggles. Both the Australian and US booklets show the same inside covers. Intro - 0:26 12. Relentless 03 Recommended for you Sailing Around the World is the 20th Wiggles video. Sailing Around The World Is A Wiggles 22nd Cassette Released In 2005 Side 1 Intro - 0:20 Sailing Around The World Intro - 0:14 Hula Hula Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler!) 30 videos Play all Sailing Around the World (Album) The Wiggles 2000 S.P.B. Sailing Around the World The Wiggles. Sailing Around The World - 2:43 3. Intro - 0:20 2. ", "It's working! Climb aboard the SS Feathersword as Captain Feathersword, his shipmates and The Wiggles take you on this giggly global trip. I love to go sailing around the world! 38:08 (US Version)33:08 (AUS Version) Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article. Song Lyrics Edit. Magical Adventure! Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles (Series 1) | The Wiggles Show! This page is an image gallery for Sailing Around the World (video). Toggle navigation. The Wiggles Around The World was a huge disappointment. A concept album with an appropriately descriptive title, SAILING AROUND THE WORLD is a 30-track tour around the globe. Holiday Fun with Friends! This page is an image gallery for Sailing Around the World (album).Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article. Christmas Barcarolle (Let The World Rejoice), The Adventures Of Captain Feathersword, The Friendly Pirate. A concept album with an appropriately descriptive title, SAILING AROUND THE WORLD is a 30-track tour around the globe. The video and audio transfers are good. ABC For Kids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ", Captain playing the ukulele while singing, "I'm alright, me hearties. Sailing Around The World | Logopedia 2: Revenge Of The Wiki | Fandom. Nextalbum Odd numbered tracks are speaking recordings, while even number tracks are songs 1. - 1:21 5. Here Comes The Big Red Car (2006). "I know, I can call Elefterious on my pirate phone. Released Climb aboard the SS Feathersword as Captain Feathersword, his shipmates and The Wiggles take you on this giggly global trip. Order:1. There are plenty of fun songs and lovable characters here to keep kids entertained. Add a photo to this gallery. Videos; Images; in: Account and Creator of Movies Spoof, Movie Spoofs, Movies Spoof, and 3 more. Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes & Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car! Sailing Around The World is a song from the video and album of the same name. D&D Beyond Add new page. The live-action version, which is replaced with Wiggly Animation in the video, can be seen on TV Series 4. ", Henry, Jeff, Anthony, Dorothy, and Murray, Alfonso passing the blue Maton Acoustic EM225C guitar, Ben passing the blue Maton Acoustic EM225C guitar, Caterina passing the blue Maton Acoustic EM225C guitar, "Well, that was lucky, me hearties. The accompanying video was released in 2005 as well. Sailing Around The World is a song from the 2005 video of the same name. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Genre The Root Beer Polka is titled as "Roll Out the Barrel (The B.Barrel Polka)". The videos were also used in the broadcast for "The Wiggles Show" (series 4 and 5 of their TV shows). Label It was released on September 1, 2005 in Australia, and on July 19, 2005 in the US. The live-action version, which is replaced with Wiggly Animation in the video, can be seen in The Wiggles Show! I do not own nor endorse The Wiggles franchise nor its properties.I own nothing#thewiggles Sailing Around the World (Wiggly Animation), Let's Go (We're Riding in the Big Red Car) (Wiggly Animation), WigglyFriends(SailingAroundtheWorld)69.jpeg, AlfonsoRinaldiinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, ProfessorSingalottasongaSingingSydneyBarcarolle.jpg, ProfessorSingalottasongaontheSydneyHarbourBridge.jpg, ProfessorSingalottasongaattheSydneyOperaHouse.jpg, ProfessorSingalottasonga,BenandCaterina.jpg, ProfessorSingalottasongaatSydneyHarbour.jpg, TheNonrealisticWigglesinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheUnforgottenWigglesinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheFriendlyPirateCrewinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheProfessionalWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheS.SFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, CaptainandDorothyinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheAwakeWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, GregPlayingMatonGuitarinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, WagsandCaptainFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheNonrealisticWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheWiggleFriendsinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, DorothyandHenryinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheLandWiggleFriendsinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheS.SFeatherswordTransitioninSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AnimatedGregSingingHereCometheChicken.jpg, CaptainandGreginSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, CaptainFeatherswordatBuckinghamPalace.jpg, JeffPlayingRedStarryKeyboardinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-Prologue.jpg, JeffandAnthonyinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-SATWPrologue.jpg, AgapametinAthena(WeLoveAthens)-SATWPrologue2.jpg, TheWigglyDancersinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AnthonySingingAgapameTinAthena(WeLoveAthens).jpg, GregSingingAgapameTinAthena(WeLoveAthens).jpg, GregandAnthonyinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, GregPlayingBlueMatonAcousticGuitarinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, JeffPlayingAccordioninSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, CaptainFallingDowninSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, CaptainandHenryinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheMaleWiggleFriendsinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheOtherWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheEarlyWiggleFriendsinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AnimatedGregSingingSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, CartoonCaptainFeatherswordEatingSeaScallops.jpg, CartoonCaptainFeatherswordEatingFishandChips.jpg, TheWigglesandCaptainFeatherswordinWigglyAnimation.jpg, TheMaleWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheEarlyWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheLandWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheWigglyGroupinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, MikiandLuciaFieldinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AnthonyandMurrayinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, MurrayPlayingMatonGuitarinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, AnthonyPlayingDrumsinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, TheAwakeWigglyHumansinSailingAroundtheWorld.jpg, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)2.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)3.jpg, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)4.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)5.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)6.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)7.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)8.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)9.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)10.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)11.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)12.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)13.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)14.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)15.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)16.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)17.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)18.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)19.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)20.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)21.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)22.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)23.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)24.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)25.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)26.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)27.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)28.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)29.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)30.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)31.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)32.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)33.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)34.png, Let'sGo(We'reRidingintheBigRedCar)(WigglyAnimation)35.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)1.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)2.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)3.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)4.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)5.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)6.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)7.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)8.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)9.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)10.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)11.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)12.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)13.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)14.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)15.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)16.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)17.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)18.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)19.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)20.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)21.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)22.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)23.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)24.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)25.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)26.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)27.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)28.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)29.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)30.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)31.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)32.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)33.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)34.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)35.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)36.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)37.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)38.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)39.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)40.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)41.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)42.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)43.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)44.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)45.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)46.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)47.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)48.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)49.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)50.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)51.png, LearnAboutAnimals(SailingAroundtheWorld)52.png, ProfessorSingalottasongainSailingAroundtheWorldDeletedScene.jpg, CaptainFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorldDeletedScene.jpg, WigglyFriends(SailingAroundtheWorld)75.png, WigglyFriends(SailingAroundtheWorld)89.jpg, WigglyFriends(SailingAroundtheWorld)76.png, WigglyFriends(SailingAroundtheWorld)78.jpg, CaptainFeatherswordinSailingAroundtheWorldDeletedScene2.jpg, SailingAroundtheWorld-SongSelectionMenu.jpg, SailingAroundtheWorld-SongSelectionMenu2.jpg.